What is Biotin, does it work?

What is Biotin?

Biotin, aka vitamin B7, increases the rate at which hair grows. Not only that, but it is also essential for producing cellular energy, improving the health of skin and nails, promoting carbohydrate metabolism, and maintaining the production of fatty acids.

Normally, your body will produce enough of it for everything to function properly. However, when you take higher amounts, you will greatly improve the look and health of your beard. Taking a biotin supplement every day should be part of every man’s daily routine to guarantee the best beard possible.

Besides supplements, biotin can naturally be found in nuts, milk, eggs, and meat. Cooked egg yolks have the most biotin out of any food available, clocking in at a little over 50 mcg/100 g. After that, oats have the most biotin, at just under 30 mcg/100 g. Even avocados have some biotin.

Biotin is water-soluble, which means that any extra biotin your body doesn’t need will get disposed of through urine. That means you won’t ever have to worry about overdosing on it or experiencing any toxicity.

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