Why could my beard balm feel gritty?

So, you've recently made the smartest decision in your life...ever, and purchased some of Beard Octane's Award Winning Beard Balms. Over time, you notice that the once silky smooth beard balm has become a bit grainy, or has a "gritty" feeling to it. You may also notice that it looks like there are small granular "dots" if you will, in your beard balm. No worries, don't panic! The product is NOT bad. This issue commonly occurs in beard balms that include either Shea Butter or Mango Butter, even sometimes with Olive Butter. Why does this happen you may ask? Well, the easiest way to explain is that all of these butters contain multiple fatty acids. When beard balm is made, these butters are melted down. However, the fatty acids in these butters all have different melting points. If the butter is melted, then cools slowly, the fatty acids contained within the butters can then solidify at various rates. This can then cause the butter/fatty acids to crystalize (or grainy/gritty).


Absolutely not!  Your beard balm is still just as effective and contains all of the proper conditioning properties for which you purchased it for.


Simply reheat the butter and cool it down quickly. This can be accomplished by warming beard balm back up until it completely melts and hold it at this temperature for approximately 20 minutes (can use a double boiler or Pyrex in a water bath). Once the beard balm is melted for approximately 20 minutes, remove the beard balm from heat and place it in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes. This will allow the beard balm to quickly cool in a more control, or forced manner.

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